Iceland - October 2017

Selection from numerous photos and clips


Traveling with Gilles & Gord

In our rented condo


The boys' club



Erik the Red (Paul standing at the base)


The iconic Hallgrimskirkja church (Barry standing at the base)


Reykjavík viewed from atop the church steeple


A coffee break


The Harpa Concert Hall





A day on the road


The Kerid Crater




At the Geysir site


Gullfoss Waterfalls



Ţingvellir National Park (Tectonic Plates)







Ending the day at the Secret Lagoon


This marked the end of Gilles & Gord's short trip.

A day in Reykjavík



The Phallus Museum



The "Imagine Peace" light tower (photo from the web, my camera didn't work)


Heading on the road to the glacier

Seljalandsfoss Falls



Atop the Skógafoss falls



Our hotel at the Glacier


Power outage at the 5-star hotel; eating snack by candle light


Jökulsárlón Glacier










On the road again



The Vík Village




Our charming modular hotel room by the bay





Back in Canada

An overnight stay in Toronto before returning home